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Why You Should Consider Installing Bay Upvc Windows at Your Home

Bay Upvc windows are a popular design choice that many homeowners love because they offer a lot to the eye. They provide excellent natural light, can be used as an additional seating area, and add character to the exterior of your home. But bay windows also have a practical purpose: they can significantly increase the amount of heat circulating in your home. Increasing the flow of fresh air into your home is especially important during winter months when heating costs are high. Bay windows are a great way of doing just that without sacrificing curb appeal or aesthetics. Here’s how you go about installing them at home:

-Research the costs for adding bay windows
-Find out what type of window will work best for your budget and needs
-Draft plans for the layout and dimensions of your bay window
Contact a professional to install it for you

What are the types of bay uPVC windows

There are three types of bay windows:

-Single-pane windows
-Double-pane windows with an air space
-Double pane window without an air space

Possibly the most popular type is the single pane bay window because they have great curb appeal and look amazing. However, they do not provide as much insulation as double pane windows with an air space. Double pane windows with an air space are more expensive than single pane windows but they provide better insulation and you’ll see a difference in your utility bill. Lastly, there are double panes without an air space which offer good insulation but don’t look as appealing. They’re cheaper than double panes with an air space but also have less curb appeal.

Features: Bay windows have a contemporary look that compliments many house styles. They are incredibly versatile and offer a practical solution to many room design problems.

Advantages: Bay windows add charm and character to any property and are ideal for placing feature furniture such as sofas or area rugs, particularly if you have limited space. They provide additional space for heating and lighting, making them an efficient and stylish solution.

Benefits: Extra internal space and more light in your home make bay windows the perfect addition to almost any property.

You may not realize it, but the right windows do make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Our new bay windows are proving to be a popular choice, and we can offer both double and triple glazed options so that you can choose the best possible type of window for your home.

The bay window is an ideal way to open the home, allowing plenty of light and leaving more space. We use Profile 22 Optima system to manufacture our Bay uPVC windows. There are several window styles that can be used in the window, so your customers can fit their home perfectly.

Modern uPVC profiles ensure that these bay windows maintain impressive structural integrity, providing homeowners with an impressive lifespan. Bay Upvc windows usually have four or five shallow-angled construction panels. The bay window has three panels, forming a striking curve.


BAY UPVC Windows cost 40% less than a typical triple-glazed replacement because they are made using Germany’s leading technology.

It is the future of low-energy building in Ireland after recent tests found that it could save up to 70% on heating costs.

BAY Upvc Windows are the most advanced and eco-friendly windows on the market, with top quality, excellent performance, and low maintenance costs.

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